McLaren Parades its MP4-21

I was really amazed when I saw the MP4-21 of Team McLaren. Not only is this machine's design promising, the 'inside' rocks too. McLaren definitely deserves to win at least the constructors championships this season.

Though Kimi suffered an unexpected car failure during the Bahrain GP qualifying round, which caused him to take the last grid at the start of the race, he was still able to knock-off the last podium position after a grueling battle with Honda's Jensen Button.

I think MP4-21 and the Finn is a combination to watch for this year's F1 Grand Prix.

4 Responses to “McLaren Parades its MP4-21”

  1. # Blogger racky

    so ein mist!

    pangatlo lang si Kimi :(

    pero umpisa pa lang naman...go go go Kimi!!!  

  2. # Blogger cruise

    ang sarap sigurong sakyan yan... hmmm  

  3. # Blogger Obi Macapuno

    wow bili ako tatlo nyan bukas. gusto mo isa neng? hehe.  

  4. # Blogger aCey

    whoa... that is so cool!  

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